We’re the young(er) generation

monkees TToday marks a proud moment in parenting history as my 12 year-old daughter voluntarily wore her 2013 Monkees Tour t-shirt to a friend’s house. In addition, she has watched all of the episodes, “33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee”, and the “Daydream Believers” TV movie in a week.

I haven’t had her watch “Head” yet. It was bad enough she didn’t understand 33 1/3 nor knew who some of the guest stars were on it. I would hate to tell her “Head” was pretty much a big drug trip.

My eldest sister is a first generation Monkees fan. I am a second. My daughter a third. She loves the music and tried to play some Nesmith tunes on her guitar, but his stuff is rather difficult for even an experienced musician.

I love her innocence in her fandom. She doesn’t know about the drugs (she has yet to ask me what “Frodis” means), the after-Monkee lives of the guys, (have you SEEN Micky in “Night of the Strangler?), the divorces, “Pool It”, and, gasp, the New Monkees. But as she asks questions, I’ll answer. I will even let go astray in some of her song choices, (she LIKES “Valleri”).

The Monkees may not be the young generation anymore, but they still have a place in the hearts of the young.


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